school portrait faq


How does working with Captured Austin benefit our school?

Captured Austin’s boutique school portrait program provides parents with a new and different quality school portrait not offered by most schools. In addition, Captured Austin donates 10% of print sale profits back to the school!


What products are offered to parents?

Parents are able to order professional-grade prints from wallets up to 16x20, as well as gallery wrap canvases in several sizes. Parents may also choose to purchase high-resolution digital files of their child’s photos. 


How do parents receive their products?

Parents who order within the specified time frame may have their products shipped to the school with no charge. Parents may also have products shipped directly to their homes (shipping fees apply). 


Does Captured Austin take sibling photos? 



Does Captured Austin take class photos?

Yes!  The school name and year can be printed on the photo as well.


Do you offer picture makeup days?

Yes! A makeup day will be scheduled for any students who were absent for photo day or simply wish to re-shoot the photos. 


How do parents receive proofs of their child’s photos?

An online gallery of each class will be provided to the parents via email. Each class will have a unique login. 


How are products priced?

Prints and digital files are priced competitively with the larger school portrait companies. There is no minimum order required! 


What if we want to keep our current portrait provider?

That’s fine! Many school have both fall and spring photos so you are able to offer two different experiences to parents if you wish.


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