your family session with Captured Austin


i want to know your family!

I believe that beautiful connected images stem from a mutual trust between photographer and client. And if I want you to trust me, we are going to have to know each other! The first thing I will do prior to your photo session is send you an easy online form asking about you and your family. I will want to know what your kids are into, what transitions your family is experiencing, what kind of music you like, and what your goals are for the session.

Family sessions are fully customizable experiences. I have a range of locations with beautiful natural light and we will choose one that fits your family as you are right now. I also love shooting in clients’ homes- nothing fits your family’s personality better than an in-home lifestyle session!

At the session, I make it a goal to gain the trust of your children, and show them that we are there to have fun. I will absolutely not ask them to sit up straight, look at me, and smile. And I will tell them that- which generally results in lots of genuine smiles and laughs. As the photographer, I will arrange you- and then we play! Lots of snuggles, laughs and having fun. I’ll get everyone to look at the camera a couple of times for that family portrait, but 90% of our time will be more relaxed.

Many children (and parents!) feel pressure on family photo day, especially after getting everyone dressed and out the door. That is why my family sessions run at your pace. If someone needs a moment away from the camera, that’s fine! I find that many more beautiful photos are captured in a few minutes of relaxed happiness than in thirty minutes of trying to force it. I also find that if you give a little one a break, he or she will see the rest of the family having fun and eventually choose to join in!

When you book a family session, the evening (or morning!) is yours. We will do what we need to do to get everyone comfortable and connected. For moms and dads, I even bring some adult beverages to kick off evening sessions- if that’s your thing!

If you want to know more about family sessions or if you are ready to book and talk locations, send me a message and we will get you booked for the most painless family photo session ever!