An UnbreakABLE mom

First off, let me say that I LOVE each and every one of my families that I photograph. They are all beautiful in their own ways, and none of them are perfect (though some sure do look like it!!). But as a single mom, I’ve been feeling a need to produce something showing a different type of family- since so many families don’t have a mom and dad under one roof.

I was SO thrilled to have the pleasure of photographing Juli and her PRECIOUS daughter. Juli is not only a doctor, but a champion of single moms, and the author of the blog Unbreakable Moms. Through her difficult journey as a single mother she has made it her mission to empower single moms to find health and happiness for themselves and their kids.

The thing about being a single mom, as you’ve heard, is that it’s HARD. And some days it’s difficult to experience joy with your kids. But the flip side is, when you do find it, it’s magnified. It’s singing and jumping on the bed and being SO dang appreciative of the happiness you’re feeling for just this moment, that it seems more intense than the joy you used to feel.

That’s what Juli and her daughter reminded me of. The pure exhilaration of mom and daughter who are MAKING it.

Not all the single parents I photograph will look like this. And that’s ok. I want to show the raw reality of it, too. But on this day, Juli and her girl showed up playful and authentically joyful and we made some magic!

Emily Hines