Baby Levi Fresh 48 Hospital Photo Session | Austin Newborn and Fresh48 Photographer

Have I mentioned that I am currently obsessed with birthplace photography? I haven’t photographed a birth yet, because that is next level time and availability commitment, but the next best thing is capturing those first hours of your new baby’s life. All of us parents marvel at how much babies change in just a few days when they’re brand new. Also, all of us parents know how peaceful it is at the hospital compared to once we return home! Especially if there’s a toddler older sibling in the mix. For these reasons, along with the moody directional light that I get to work with when there’s just one window in the room, I am just in love with these sessions right now. It’s a natural light newborn session without the parents having to do ANYthing. Just hang in your comfy clothes and let me do the work! I always make sure mom and dad are “present” in the photos, but if mom isn’t feeling her best, I focus on her hands or interactions with the baby as opposed to the full on portrait- there will be many of those in their future as a family! Please enjoy these favorites from sweet baby Levi’s hospital session!

Emily Hines