The best part (or one of the best) of having your own personal photo session is that you get to choose the location! I am always up for an adventure or checking out a new place, but I also have a few tried and true spots around town.

Pease Park

I love Pease because of it’s convenient central locations and large selection of landscape/location options. I also like that it has a tall tree line around the perimeter which allows for shooting a little bit outside of my established sunrise/sunset times. The trees filter the light beautifully- especially in the morning!

fall family photo in the park
Kaighin Family Fall 2018-16.jpg

McKinney Falls

Oh, how I love this place! It has such a unique look with the large, flat rock. I also love that it has water. McKinney Falls is located in southeast Austin- toward the airport. It’s AMAZING at sunset.

Gerdes 2018-63.jpg
McKinney falls sunset maternity photos
McKinney falls sunset family photos

Sekrit Theater

This unique gem is located in Far East Austin. It can be booked for $95 for one hour. It has an amazing vintage greenhouse as well as a variety of interesting things on the grounds. This is also a location that allows for a little flexibility on time of day, since light filters nicely through the greenhouse during most of the day.

greenhouse family photos

Wherever the tall grass is…

I love using tall golden grass in my family photos! The City of Austin is infuriatingly efficient about keeping this mowed down, though, so I spend much of my fall scouting for the spots that are still tall! So these move around but I will find it!

golden hour family photos

Dock on Lake Austin

This is my hidden secret so I won’t disclose exactly where it is, but it’s super convenient and central! I love it in the evening as the sun is peeking over the hills across the lake. For obvious reasons, I don’t recommend this one for toddlers!

Karah and Madeline -99.jpg
Karah and Madeline -67.jpg

Your home!

It’s not just for newborns! I love capturing families in the comfort of their homes. It’s also a great way to change up the annual holiday card look- especially if you’ve moved recently!

in home family photo session
Emily Hines