Baby D Fresh48 | Siblings meet their baby brother for the first time!

Oh my gosh. This was such an amazing little session to witness and capture. Generally when I do a Fresh48, the baby is a day or so old and the big sisters or brothers have already been to see the baby, and sometimes they’re into it, and sometimes they’re not (which is FINE- that’s why we also do a newborn session at home where older siblings and pets feel comfortable and included). But this momma waited and let me photograph the older brother and sister actually meeting the new baby, and it was everything we hoped it would be!

Little sister brought her practice baby, and she was so enamored with her new baby brother I could barely keep it together. Big brother was so helpful and curious and sweet. Mom and dad were just over the moon at the ABUNDANCE of their blessings. I mean, this family is beautiful and kind and fun and I just can’t get over it. Here are just a few of my favorites from this special day: