What is a FRESH48 session anyway?

As a photographer I have been hearing this term for a while, and I realized recently that most people have no idea what it means! A FRESH48 session is a candid and relaxed photo session of your baby within 48 hours of birth- usually in the hospital room or birthing center room. I LOVE these sessions, as a mother and as a photographer and lover of babies and new families. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post to read all the details and see some of my favorite FRESH48 photos!

Parker Bunyea F48-8.jpg

Barring complications, those first couple of days in the hospital can be so serene and euphoric. I think most parents remember the jarring reality of returning home with their new baby to pets, toddler siblings, and household chores on little to no sleep! I just adore capturing that time when parents are focused on nothing but getting to know each little feature of the new human they created.

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How does a FRESH48 session work? I will tell you! First, you get your due date on my calendar. I commit to being able to show up within 48 hours as long as you deliver within a week of your due date (so the two week window from 39 weeks to 41 weeks, in general). Of course, if you deliver outside this window there’s a good chance I’ll still be able to be there! I will move mountains to show up to these things, that’s how much I love it.

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You’ll let me know when you go into labor and when baby arrives (I’m easily accessible via text!) and we’ll set a loose time for me to come do the photo session. I remain fairly flexible around that time since babies need to feed and be seen by the nurses- not always on our schedule!

My favorite things to capture at these sessions are the parents and older siblings taking in the little features of their new little buddy, and also how tiny the new baby is in those first few days. I take plenty of shots of family bonding with the baby, but also shots of the baby by himself- since it is his big debut after all!

Revan P Fresh48 -29.jpg
Brooks Ryden F48-68.JPG

I always do these sessions during the day to use the (surprisingly) amazing natural light from the hospital room window. I always get the dreamiest light and shadows in these rooms.

Cora F48-10.jpg
Cora F48-12.jpg

After the session, I will edit a few photos right away and text them to you so that the first photos you share withfamily and friends will be connection-based, natural light, beautiful photos of your new family.

Cora F48-1.jpg
Parker Bunyea F48-6.jpg
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And last but not least, there will be photos of feet ;)

Are you interested in a FRESH48 session or learning more about them? Head on over to my contact page and check availability or send me a note! I’d love to hear from you :) Simply dying to see more dreamy photos of brand new babies? Check out my birthplace photography portfolio.

Emily Hines