I always get this question!! Truth be told, I don’t care THAT much what my people wear for their photos. When I photograph a family, my main goal is to catch love, connection, fun, personalities, and of course that one classic family photo of everyone looking at the camera. I feel like if I’ve done my job well, clothing is hardly noticeable past all the genuine emotion the images show. That said, I want YOU to love your photos and I’d be lying if I said amazing outfits didn’t take it up a notch.

I LOVE when moms and girls wear something flowy. It adds movement to the photos and makes them more real.

mom and son photo red dress
Dalton Spring Family Photos Austin-25.jpg

But if you are really going for a casual look or don’t want to wear something flowy, we can still get some good movement and real-ness in your images, so not to worry if this isn’t your cup of tea!

Fall 2018 favs-29.JPG
family of four stripes and jeans

Generally, mom’s outfit comes first and then the rest sort of falls into place around that. So let’s talk colors. A lot of people go with navy, light blue and cream tones. That’s a safe bet, for sure! But what I love is a standout fall color on mom or baby, something a little bolder but still complimentary to being out in nature. I love deep reds (like the photo above, mustards, burnt oranges (and I’m not just saying that because, Hook ‘em!) and stripes. Loooove stripes! Consider thinking outside the box with some orange, yellow or deep khaki. Even if you’re not a longhorn, tell me the burnt orange on this baby girl isn’t stunning with her blue eyes and the green grass!

orange ochre dress fall family photos
Pomeroy Family Fall 2018-11.jpg
fall photo family of three

Once you’ve chosen a standout color or pattern, you can play off of it for the rest of the outfits. I love this handy color chart of coordinating colors because it has some combos that you might not think of. I found it on Pinterest- there are a ton of these available but this one is my favorite for fall. This one doesn’t show a red option, but I think if you do that, everyone else can be pretty neutral.

fall family photos color chart

As far as pulling it all together, I recommend one person having a noticeable/bold pattern and the rest being solids or a subtle pattern. Maybe with a stripe mixed in.

family photo mustard yellow

I hope this helps! Above all, I recommend everyone being comfortable in what they’re wearing, as long as it’s not neon or showing a large graphic/logo. Those things distract from what we’re really trying to capture, right? Even more important than your outfits is mental prep- but that’s another post for another day! Let me know in the comments if this post was helpful!

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